Friday, August 21, 2009

Really? A Whole YEAR?!

Wow... it's been over a year since I updated this blog. What an ass. I think that's why I enjoy Twitter so much. I can update it with minimal effort on my part. And with about a dozen comics in the works, a full-time job and a wife and 2 kids, being able to update something quickly becomes increasing more appealing.

But, people seem to keep finding this blog or linking to it, so I figured I'd better put something out there.

There are a lot of places you can find me online. I'm a shameless self-promoter all over the internet. It actually takes up a shitload more time than the writing and lettering of the comics themselves! But it's gotta be done or nobody will know about my work. So here are the most frequently updated places to find me:

My website:
My Facebook
My Twitter

I'll try my damnedest to pop over here from time to time to lay down an update, but I can't guarantee it.

I suck.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Non-Updating Ass

Ok, Ok... I suck at updating blogs. I spend HOURS every day on the inter-webs, you'd think I could update the 'ol blog once in a while. Well, I'm going to try to be better. I promise.

So, the new book is in this month's Previews Catalog! Flip to page 190 and you'll see a nice listing for Jesus Hates Zombies featuring Lincoln Hates Werewolves in: Yea, Though I Walk... Vol. 1. Pretty sweet! The book is due to hit shelves in September!

Here's the gorgeous cover by my good friend Danilo Beyruth:

Ain't it amazing?!?

And with really freakin' cool interior art by Steve Cobb, trust me, this book ROCKS!

So please, please, please head down to your local comic shop and request that they carry the book! The Diamond Order Code is: JUL083613

~ Stephen

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Today's the Day!

Jesus Hates Zombies: Those Slack-Jaw Blues hits store shelves today.

Wow... I'm allowing that to sink in... the simple fact that my book is released NATIONALLY in store today and has already sold about 1000 copies! Crazy...

For anyone in the Rochester area, I will be at Empire Comics in Greece for a little while this evening (starting at 5:30 pm) for an impromptu signing of the book. If you're around, stop by! If you can't make it, don't worry... we're organizing a much more formal book signing soon!

~ S

Friday, April 4, 2008

JHZ in a movie?

Check it out... A while back, I was contacted on MySpace by a filmmaker named Richard Massey. He said he was going to be shooting his next flick, "Back Page", and he wanted to know if he could put JHZ: Those Slack-Jaw Blues into the movie. Naturally, I said "Of course."

Well, I hadn't heard anything about it in quite a while and - to be honest - I forgot about it. Then I get this message from Richard through MySpace sending me a link to a couple of production stills from the movie. Lo-and-behold, there's the book!

Pretty sweet, huh? Thanks, Richard!
~ Stephen

Sunday, March 16, 2008

New Review

Chuck over at Comic Related posted his review of Jesus Hates Zombies: Those Slack-Jaw Blues.
Wow... Check it out.

~ Stephen

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

New series launch!!

The first installment of The Slightly Askew Adventures of Inspector Ham & Eggs has launched over at

Give it a look!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Comics2Film Interview

I recently participated in a short interview on Comic2Film's feature called The Elevator.
Check it out!

Also, The Slightly Askew Adventures of Inspector Ham & Eggs launches Wednesday at

~ Stephen