Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Promo Materials

Hello my faithful faithless!!

I've now received 6 completed stories, with a bunch more due in at any time, and things are really moving along with JHZ!! So, now comes the part where I start to try to push this thing hot and heavy here on the 'ol Internet!

To start off the promotional BLITZ (ok, so it's not really a blitz... more of a one-legged hop-a-long), I've got these 2 beautiful pieces of promotional material.

Check them out, copy them, and post them anywhere you see fit!!! Trust me, I don't mind at all!!

~ Stephen

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Still Kickin'


Hello...? Is anyone there? No...? That's Ok. I don't blame you. Updates to the 'ol blog have been few and few between, and hat's my fault. So now I'm left typing into the vast void of the loney 'net.


But just in case anyone stumbles upon this blog, work on the JHZ Anthology (title JESUS HATES ZOMBiES: Those Slack-Jaw Blues) is coming along splendidly! There are 17 stories in the anthology, each 5 pages long, and I've got 16 different artists working on it. My best friend Bart joined me in the story writing fun, so we've got a diverse set of tales to be told.

Here is a terrific piece of promo art for the anthology:

And so that's where we're at. There's a mid_may deadline for the artists to get their work in, and hopefully it won't take much longer after that to get the files to the publisher...

Exciting times!
~ Stephen