Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Top 3, Baby!

Jesus Hates Zombies: Those Slack-Jaw Blues has been selected as one of the Weeky Top 3 this week by Comic News Insider!

If you've never given Comic News Insider a listen, I highly recommend that you do. Jimmy and Joe know their stuff and never fail to entertain!

Friday, November 23, 2007

After the Con...

Happy Day-After-Turkey-Day, all!

I hope everyone is feeling fat and happy today! Sit around. Be lazy. Give all of that food a chance to digest...

Last weekend was Big Apple Con, and Alterna Comics was there in full force. Here's a picture of all of us that were there - Michael Bracco (creator of "Birth", Me, Lauren Monardo (official JHZ artist), and Peter Simeti (President and Publisher of Alterna Comics):

We sold a bunch of books and shirts, met some terrific people, and a great time was had by all! To view more pics from the Con, clickity-click right here.

Also, the Official Jesus Hates Zombies site has been redesigned. Give it a look and let me know what you think!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I Wanna Be Laz, You Wanna Be Laz, We All Wanna Be Laz!

Let's be honest... who wouldn't want to be Jesus Hates Zombies' resident lovable corpse, Laz!
Well NOW YOU CAN! (I'm doing my best TV announcer guy voice here) All you need is this handy-dandy tutorial put together and beautifully illustrated by our very own Lauren Monardo:

So, say you're heading to a Comic Convention and you're thinking to yourself, "Geez Loueeez, I'm gonna be the only one there not in costume... I don't have the physical prowess to go as Captain America (or even Bucky...) and everyone looked at me funny the last time I dressed up as Sailor Moon. Shucks! What am I gonna do?"

Might I suggest going as Laz?!? It'll be fun AND educational!

Why, you may want to even dress up as Laz for Big Apple Con this weekend! And while you're at it, stop on over to the Alterna Comics booth and say hi.

~ Stephen

Friday, November 9, 2007

Easily Distracted Dunce...

So, I've got a few writing projects in the works, but nothing too major at the moment. The script for Volume 1 of Jesus Hates Zombies: Yea, Though I Walk... Featuring Lincoln Hates Werewolves (yes, I was going for the longest, most ridiculous title I could think of) is complete and to Lauren for her to make the pretty pages, so I'm not writing anything pressing... But I've got a couple of things cooking that I would like to finish up.

So what do I do? I go out last night and pick up Guitar Hero III. Now, I'm completely new to this series. In all honesty, I thought the whole idea was silly... Who wants to look like an ass holding a fake little guitar, pressing buttons on it to correspond to some lame ass songs, right?

But I'd heard nothing but great things about the franchise, and then I was walking through a store that had the game up and running on one of its myriad of flat screen TVs... and the song that was playing was Even Flow by Pearl Jam. Anyone that knows me knows that I am a Pearl Jam fanatic. I've even got a Pearl Jam tattoo! That was it for me... if my beloved Jam endorsed Guitar Hero, then I could to!

So this brings me to last night. I bought the game and the little guitar and set off on my personal Rock Opera. I named my band ZombyLuv (oh how clever I'm not) and fired it up. Nearly 3 1/2 hours later, it was ridiculously late, my fingers were cramping, and I was in the throws of ROCK STARDOM!

Oh, Guitar Hero III, you evil mistress... you've snared me in your web of Rock God Fantasy! Damn you! DAMN YOU!

I see very little writing in my immediate future.
Yep, I'm an easily distracted dunce...
~ Stephen

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Da Bookz Are In!

For all you folks who helped my first print run of Jesus Hates Zombies: Those Slack-Jaw Blues sell out so quickly, the books are in! I'm getting them sent out as fast as I can, so sit tight and rest comfortably knowing that they're FINALLY on the way!

International orders are going to take longer to get to you... well.... international folks, so please continue to have patience with me!

Once you get the book, if you enjoy it, please tell your friends, neighbors, Church Groups (well, maybe not your Church Groups) to head over to Alterna Comics website ( and order it.

I... I really need the help right now. You see, I've got 17 1/2 kids to feed and clothe, and the cold, winter months are nearly upon us... we're all living in the hatch-back of a Chevette... my wife lost both of her ears and her right eye in a freak accident working a double shift at the local Gas-N-Sip... The medical bills are piling up... My bookie is about to sicks the dogs on me...

Damn, I can't lie to you folks... Things are actually going great. I only have 2 kids and we've got a great house in the suburbs. My wife still has both ears and both eyes, so there aren't any medical bills piling up And my bookie said I've got another week to pay (stupid Colts...).

But I'd still dig it if you'd pass on the good word about the book!
Nyuck, nyuck...
~ Stephen

Thursday, November 1, 2007

A "Diamond" in the Rough? Nyuck, Nyuck!

I just got word yesterday that Jesus Hates Zombies: Those Slack-Jaw Blues has been accepted Diamond Distributors.

More information, as well as the Diamond Order Code, to come soon.

But in the meantime, why not pop over to Alterna Comics and order the book yourself!?! Christmas is right around the corner, so what better gift can you give than the gift of the Lord... killing zombies.

~ Stephen