Friday, October 26, 2007

Pack It Up and Ship It!

I just received word that the first print run that I did through Ka-Blam has (finally) shipped! That means the books should be in my hands sometime next week, and which point I will promptly turn that around and get them shipped off to all of the fine folks who pre-ordered.

Also, I finished my first pass at the script for Volume 1 of Jesus Hates Zombies/Lincoln Hates Werewolves: Yea, Though I Walk... It clocks in at 78 pages, and it really wrote itself. It even progressed to a perfect point of ending Volume 1 which I hope will really make people go nuts waiting for Volume 2. I'm incredibly proud of the work I've churned out with this script. I think it's some of the best writing I've ever done. And I know that Lauren Monardo's art is going to simply knock everyone's socks off. Trust me, she's really going to be able to blow everyone away with her skills on this book!

~ S

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btamuraDailySketches said...

love the comic!