Saturday, September 22, 2007

Staying Busy

As we wait for the shipment of JHZ:Those Slack-Jaw Blues to arrive, we're hard at work on the follow-up project: dual mini-series of Jesus Hates Zombies and Lincoln Hates Werewolves.

These 2 mini-series will run together in each issue that comes out. Half of the book will be JHZ and the other half will be LHW. The mini-series is being written by me and illustrated by Lauren Monardo.

This spectacular cover to issue #1 was illustrated by Danilo Beyruth:

In case it wasn't already obvious, this mini-series is going to kick all sorts of ass!
~ Sephen

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JmD said...

you should do that trick where the other comic is printed upside down so when you flip the comic book over it looks like a whole new comic.