Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Little a This, Little a That...

Not much new on the Jesus Hates Zombies front right now. Hopefully Lauren will be able to start busting out pages for Yea, Though I Walk... soon and I'll have something to really blog about.

Let's not forget that Those Slack-Jaw Blues is going to be in Previews next month! I need everyone to demand that their local comic shop order it!

Also, I've got 2 other comic projects in the works. I've been a busy little bee on the writing front lately. Both projects are vastly different from JHZ and from each other. One is a paranormal period piece, and the other is set in the world of tights and capes. I'm really proud of how both of them are turning out so far, and they're both really pushing me as a writer to expand, grow, and (hopefully) improve. Plus, I'm getting to work with a couple of kick-ass artists, which is where the real joy for me comes into play. There's nothing better than seeing the images that have been rattling around my brain come to life on the page by some ridiculously talented hands.

Once both of those projects are a little further along I'll start posting some previews and teasers.

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