Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Support Independent Comics!

Hey everyone,

My good friend Michael Bracco's AMAZING graphic novel "Birth" is in the December Previews (pages #196 and #340).

Look, this is a special book which takes brilliant storytelling and amazing art and really elevates what can be said and done with comics. Believe me, I'm a selfish self-promoting whore, so to take the time to promote someone else's book means i think more highly of it than I do my own stuff... "Birth" NEEDS to be in every comic shop in the country. Yes, it's that good.

So how can you help? Go to your local comic shops and make sure they're going to carry it, that's how! ask for it. Demand it. Request it. Do whatever it takes to get them to order it!

The Diamond Order Code is: DEC07331


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