Monday, March 26, 2007


Well, I said that this blog was going to be about the ups and DOWNS of trying to self-publish this comic... so that means there are bound to be downs.

As of now, JHZ is without an artist. Although I love Daryl and his art to death, the style change just wasn't working for the book. That, coupled with a great new project that Daryl has in the works, has us parting ways for now.

It's not a bad split. Like I said, I have all the respect and admiration in the world for Daryl and his work, it's just different directions we're heading in. but we'll be working together on a new project in th enear future!

So what does that mean for JHZ? It means I'm without an artist and the book is in a bit of a limbo right now. I've start an anthology, which will have a bunch of 5-page JHZ stories in it, all written by me with art by various artists. it should be awesome, and it should satiate me as I search for a new full-time JHZ artist.

In the meantime, the web comic will be on hold, as will issue #1.

So stick with me as I sort through all of this...

~ Stephen

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