Friday, March 30, 2007

JHZ Anthology

As the artist search continues, I got a great idea from my friend (and terrific artist) Justin Stewart (check out his web comic, Popped Culture). He suggested I try to set up an Anthology with a bunch of short 1-shot JHZ stories, each drawn by different artists.

So that's what I'm doing. Each short story is 5 pages in length, and so far there are 8 artists committed. I've also brought my best friend Mike Bartolotta on to do some writing with me. We've been writing together since we were about 13 years old, so our sensibilities, style, and tastes are very much in line with one another. Thus far, we've got 5 scripts out to artists, and the work has started!

One of the great artists working on the anthology, Mark Lauthier, hit me up with this, his first sketched idea for Jesus:

Pretty bad ass take on the J-Man, no? Needless to say, as I search for a new artist, this project has me stoked!

~ Stephen

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