Monday, March 5, 2007

JC - Zombie or Not?

Ok, this is something that keeps coming up in comments on various message boards when dealing with JESUS HATES ZOMBiES!

"Isn't Jesus a zombie himself?"

"How can Jesus hates zombies...? He's the first zombie!"

People, people, people... have you ever seen JC gnawing on somebody's skull, trying to eat their brains? Is that in the bible somewhere? 'Cause if it is, I seriously got screwed during my tenure at Catholic school as a young lad. Jesus was resurrected, sure... but not as a mindless zombie. He retained motor function, cognitive thought, a healthy appetite, and a general sense of personal hygiene... none of which matters to the walking dead.

So please, can we put to rest the "Isn't Jesus a zombie?" nonsense...

I swear, if he heard you calling him a zombie, you'd probably catch some Holy Wood upside your head! (I'm talking about his baseball bat, ya sick bastards!)

~ Stephen


Chrissie A said...

LOL...hilarious and well-said. :D

The things people will ask, eh?

JmD said...

Man... now I'm suprized you even considered letting me do some artwork. And here I thought I was so clever for figuring out that Jesus was technically a zombie as if I was the first to or something. And good point with the bit about zombies decaying and being mindless uh... zombies.