Friday, August 24, 2007

Pencils and Inks

I'm a major appreciator of art. I love it. I love sketches, rough pencils, layouts, inks, tones, colors, paintings... you get the idea -- I love art in all its many forms. So I figured for my post today I'd show you guys two examples of some great art in its various stages. First up is a penciled panel by Mark Lauthier from the story House of Worship:

That's Mark's interpretation of JCs faithful zombie sidekick Laz.

And here we have a completely inked and toned panel byJordan Dalton from the story Beginnings:

I'm like a kid on Christmas morning when I open my email to find artwork waiting for me.
~ Stephen


JmD said...

Was it normal to get severed heads of the undead and smoking zombies for Christmas in your family? That might explain why you're writing this book actually.

Stephen Lindsay said...

Nah... not normal... just an extra special treat on the years that I was REALLY good! :P